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Health, Fitness & Nutrition MTB and the Human Machine

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Old 12-03-2012, 05:02 PM
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Thumbs up The Reasons for Exercising:

Share ko rin ito sirs.

Napaka-importante talaga ng pag-ex-exercise. Salamat sa Diyos meron akong time para gawin ito.

Chapter 5 - F.A.C.E. —Your Future Through A—Aerobic Exercise
Fitness After 40: How To Stay Strong At Any Age
by Vonda Wright and Ruth Winter
AMACOM © 2009 Citation

The Reasons for Exercising: What You Already Know

Cardiovascular. Multiple studies have proved that physically fit people have a lower death rate than sedentary people. Exercise increases the amount of blood your heart ejects with each beat and the total volume of blood leaving the heart. In turn, this increases the amount and efficiency of oxygen reaching your muscles and organs. Exercise also lowers the heart muscle’s demand for oxygen because it uses the oxygen fuel more efficiently.

Diabetes. Exercise improves the body’s response to insulin and lowers the risk of developing diabetes by 30–40 percent. Exercise can also decrease a diabetic’s risk of dying of heart disease by 40–50 percent.

Blood pressure. Many studies have shown that regular exercise lowers your blood pressure, and thus the work your heart has to do. This effect is independent of a person’s age or body mass index or the presence of diabetes.

Cholesterol. Exercise increases the level of “good cholesterol” (HDL) in your blood, which acts like Drano® to clean out your blood vessels. At the same time, exercise lowers the level of “bad cholesterol” (LDL) and triglycerides (which are dangerous fats) and prevents the bad stuff from sticking to the sides of your blood vessels. Exercise also enhances the beneficial effect of a low-fat diet.

SeDS (Sedentary Death Syndrome). Although it may sound like a joke, SeDS is no laughing matter. The ill effects of more than 35 chronic diseases can be directly decreased by 30 minutes of exercise a day.

The Reasons for Exercising: Amazing Things You May Not Know

Brain function. Exercise makes a type of Miracle-Gro for the brain—really! When exercising, your brain makes a substance called brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which is a type of brain food. Studies have found that active people are more likely to be better adjusted and perform better on tests of cognitive function. And scientists believe this exercise-induced “brain food” is the reason.

Mood. After a stressful day, exercise can calm and improve your mood. According to researchers at the University of Missouri, thirty minutes of moderate-to-intense aerobic exercise can leave you still feeling on top of the world ninety minutes later. This is because exercise causes the brain to release endorphins, which are natural mood elevators. It’s like popping an antidepressant pill but with exercise. People who exercise are 1.5 times less likely to be depressed; they also have higher self-confidence and higher self-esteem than people who do not exercise. This is true for both chronic exercisers and adult onset exercisers. This effect holds true as long as you are exercising. If you stop exercising, the mood benefits fade with your general fitness. Regular exercise also improves self-confidence and self-esteem while decreasing the cardiac and hormonal responses to mental stress, such as a racing heart, abundant sweating, and feeling on edge.

Erectile dysfunction. For some of the same reasons exercise is good for your heart, exercise is great for sexual function. Physiologically, erection is all about healthy blood flow, and men who exercise have been found to have 41 percent less erectile dysfunction than those who sit on the couch.

Immune function and sickness. Both athlete surveys and randomized studies (done on all sorts of people) have shown that people who do moderate exercise on a near daily basis experience fewer sick days. Exercisers report taking about half the number of sick days as their sedentary peers and having 23 percent fewer upper respiratory tract infections.

Cancer prevention. Exercise can decrease the risk of breast cancer by up to 60 percent by lowering levels of two of the ovarian hormones linked to breast cancer, estradiol and progesterone. Exercise also can decrease the risk of colorectal cancer by 40 percent and decrease the risk of dying from prostate cancer by 50 percent. If you have or have had cancer, exercise can be of great physical and mental benefit.
"You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today" - Abraham Lincoln

aerobic, excercising, exercise

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