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Old 05-23-2012, 04:40 PM
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Default Bergamont Revox Team 29er: Final Review

BERGAMONT Revox Team: Final Review- by M1
For those of you that have been keeping track, I’ve had this bike for a little over three months. My previous reports are (here and here). Over the period of time that I’ve ridden the bike, winter in my part of the Alps has come & gone, and now it’s back to warmer, dryer spring weather. So it pains me to give this bike to c_g for his long term test period.

As I mentioned in my last report the Revox Team is a very well thought out bike sporting top-end equipment which checks off nearly every box you could ask for in a “near pro level race bike. With the X0/X9 (2×10) drive train, SID RL (including bar-mounted lock-out & tapered steerer, but 9 mm quick release), Easton bar, stem & EA70 wheelset and the excellent carbon frame (claimed at 950g – we don´t know for certain, we haven´t stripped the bike yet), the MSRP of 2999 Euros doesn’t seem bad at all. No, it’s not inexpensive by any means but you’d be hard pressed to put a similarly spec’d. bike together piece-by-piece and get a better cost/ performance ratio.

I do have to apologize that I have neglected to post the weight of the bike. The bike in stock trim with the Schwalbe Racing Ralph tires came out at exactly 10,32 Kilos (22.7 lbs.) for the size Large. With the heavier ONZA Canis “all around” tires, which is how I have been riding the bike, it came in a bit heavier at 10.89 (24 lbs.).

The BERGAMONT Revox has been ridden in dry, wet, and snowy conditions and in each I felt a sense of agility I’ve not felt on a bike with suspension in a while. The SID RL sure absorbs a lot of the shocks that wear you out over time. OK it is not 100 % as precise as my rigid fork that I am used to but other than that I liked the 9 mm quick release fork.
Yes, I had a couple of small issues with minor parts on the bike but those pieces (grips, bar and saddle) are ones that many people would consider changing to fit their personal tastes or riding styles anyway. Overall, I’d give Bergamont an “A” for effort in basically every area I can think of (i.e. design, performance, comfort, FUN! and component spec.) and say that if you get a chance to try the Revox Team 29″er, I’d go for it!

If I could, I would hold on to this bike for much, much longer. From my previous posts and comments it’s probably become obvious that I’ve been very pleasantly surprised how much I like the BERGAMONT Revox Team. Over the past months I have continued to push this bike in every way that I can and it took it with no issues anywhere. This bike simply continues to impress me. It’s light (and feels lighter still), quick (in a very pleasing and fun way), precise (no surprise for a well constructed carbon frame) and comfortable (yes, the proprietary vibration and shock damping characteristics of the frame can be felt, further assisted by the small diameter 27.2mm seat post). In terms of value I know of no other frame of such pedigree that can be had as a race worthy complete bike at that price.

My only possible gripe would be the slightly too heavy wheels which in my opinion are very good training and all-around wheels but may need a lighter upgrade for actual racing action should you be out for that. (Editor’s Note: In the last images here, you will note that c_g has swapped out the stock wheels for lighter hoops. Stay tuned for his impressions on this change, seen in his comments below….)

Overall I find the BERGAMONT Revox Team to be an excellent bike – something I haven´t said too often about a bike in the recent past.

p.s.: Lastly, I’m very interested to see if and how my feelings about this bike carry over to c_g during his testing period.

(Comment by c_g: By now I have had the BERGAMONT Revox Team with me for a few rides. First I took it out for two rides in standard trim but soon did some minor changes to optimize the fit and bring out the racing genes with lighter wheels. While this is merely a first impressions comment – I can say that I am equally pleased with the agile, yet universally fun handling of the the bike. I will be logging plenty of miles on the bike in the coming summer as it will serve me as a hard tail testing platform, so wait for more on the BERGAMONT Revox this season.)

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