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Default Re: SGM Mountain bike brands?

Hi. This SGM red-black mtb is my 2nd mtb. I bought mine back in December 2009 at Quiapo 7,500. At the first few months, The ride is smooth and no technical problem in road but as months go by.This are my observation

1) Pedal - cheap steel pedal that can give you bruises.
I changed mine with a good quality pedal.

2) Saddle - Stiff and not comfortable for long rides
Better change it

3)Brake - Need more adjustment

4)Handle - Heavy but its fine for city ride
Bar & stem

5)Frame - The Alloy Frame has a good quality and design. Even though its
heavy. It can go Miles ahead.

Overall Impression: The SGM mtb is good as a "Entry-Level" bike for newbies in the world of MTB. The Price is a fair enough for the generic parts of it. This bike for me is my commuter and training bike. The parts of SGM mtb needs to be upgraded with high quality parts for long and smooth rides, whether trail or city.Even though its not as good as Branded bike, It still gives me the Stoked and work-out I need as a Triathlete.

I will give this 7 out of 10 stars