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Default Re: SGM Moutain bike?

Bro i also have this bike bought mine at 6k flat @ quiapo here are some of my impressions

Shifting: even though the RD is just a shimano tourney it works well does the job but weight wise its inefficient. and the FD sucks as hell its a cheap generic derailleur that rubs the chain very often replace it immediately.

Cranks: its sucks and heavy as hell I replaced mine just after 1 week .

Pedals: its a cheap generic pedal broke mine with just one crash .

Saddle:has soft cushion much like the MOBs and its durable.

Fork: stiff as hell and it feels like a rigid fork I already replace mine .

Stem & Handle Bar:looks good and durable if you dont mind the weight though.

Frame: looks cool has a decent design and quite sturdy dunno about the weight though but its quite light haven't replaced mine yet

Brakes: it sucks as hell those generic rotors warp so easily that I burned and warp mine just after one ride @ timberland and those brake pads they wear out faster than a rim brake .

Tires: those tire are really fast rolling and silent feels like your on a slick tires but they puncture so easily... I would recommend that you should inflate these tires not beyond 30 psi or you'll get a flat tire for sure.

Hubs: its heavy and it sucks replace it immediately

Bottom line: Its a good starter bike but you really get what you pay for... For me the only thing left on my SGM bike is the frame and saddle everything else has been replaced and thats quite a waste of money... so if your really want to start to take mountain biking seriously i suggest you get a built bike with a 13k+ budget but if you only intend to use it to go around your subdivision or pang palengke lang even a 2k mall bike would do...hindi pa mainit sa mata ng magnanakaw
leg upgrade muna bago bike parts :P