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Talking Re: SGM Moutain bike?

Hi Bro,

I was fortunate (or unfortunately) was able to own this bike late 2009 when I was starting with the sport and here are my impressions:

Rear shifting is ok when tuned properly but the the crank shifting are just awful. No matter what adjustment made, there is always a chain rub and shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear or 1st gear to 2nd gear feels heavy and out of place. Not sure if its the front derailleur or the cranks itself

Frame: is ok, the design is good and it looks cool.

Fork: It feels like I don't have shocks at all. It is hard and stiff. The adjustment level is a non factor and it is nothing but a design.

Pedals: It will give up on you after a few weeks, it even gave me a good scar in my shin. Take note, I wasn't even on trails when it gave up (split into two and reflectors separated from the pedal).

Brakes: It sounds like you have a pig on your back, it squeaks. After a few rides you will hear the breaks screaming at you to have a replacement.

Price: The one you saw is a bit pricey. I bought mine in Quiapo for 6500 PHP and I still saw a few last week within that range.

Tires: The tires are amazingly fast and light. It gets easily punctured by thumbtacks and small objects that may be harmless with some tires. It does not last long, it will wear out on you before you can say "i should have bought a better bike"

Overall Bike Performance: It does what a bike does, it runs on the road. It will give you that satisfaction that you are riding a bike but it will sometimes turn down that mood sour when you notice its minor inconveniences. I was able to ride mine quite sometime before it gave up on me (pedals, cranks, chain and brakes).

My Take: If you are simply looking for a bike that will turn heads for its bling and design with an intention of a minor riding without going into trails, this is ok to start. If you plan to be serious and have lasting components, I would suggest get an entry level 15k bike. It will last you longer and it will be worthy enough for trails (in terms of comfort and reliability).

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