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franzish 01-12-2011 01:34 AM

SGM Mountain bikes
hello! im wanting to start biking and i found this site very informative..
however i don't have a bike yet. i want a mountain bike but as a starter i want
it to be affordable but durable.. i found this bike selling sgm mountain bike for 8.5k.. it looks nice but i want your opinions if this is a good buy or not.. i've search the forums for SGM bikes but no match at all.. i hope you can help me... below is the link:

here is a picture of the bike:

scorched 01-12-2011 03:41 AM

Re: SGM Moutain bike?
hmm.. i've never heard of a "shimano sgm". nowhere in the shimano website is there an "sgm".

i'm guessing this is a mall bike with knock-off components. even the kenda tires are dubious.

at P8500, you're better off saving up a bit and getting a decent second-hand built-bike. check out the forum on trade central on whole bikes:

good luck. ;)

Husserl 01-12-2011 04:46 AM

Re: SGM Moutain bike?
Hi Bro,

I was fortunate (or unfortunately) was able to own this bike late 2009 when I was starting with the sport and here are my impressions:

Rear shifting is ok when tuned properly but the the crank shifting are just awful. No matter what adjustment made, there is always a chain rub and shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear or 1st gear to 2nd gear feels heavy and out of place. Not sure if its the front derailleur or the cranks itself

Frame: is ok, the design is good and it looks cool.

Fork: It feels like I don't have shocks at all. It is hard and stiff. The adjustment level is a non factor and it is nothing but a design.

Pedals: It will give up on you after a few weeks, it even gave me a good scar in my shin. Take note, I wasn't even on trails when it gave up (split into two and reflectors separated from the pedal).

Brakes: It sounds like you have a pig on your back, it squeaks. After a few rides you will hear the breaks screaming at you to have a replacement.

Price: The one you saw is a bit pricey. I bought mine in Quiapo for 6500 PHP and I still saw a few last week within that range.

Tires: The tires are amazingly fast and light. It gets easily punctured by thumbtacks and small objects that may be harmless with some tires. It does not last long, it will wear out on you before you can say "i should have bought a better bike"

Overall Bike Performance: It does what a bike does, it runs on the road. It will give you that satisfaction that you are riding a bike but it will sometimes turn down that mood sour when you notice its minor inconveniences. I was able to ride mine quite sometime before it gave up on me (pedals, cranks, chain and brakes).

My Take: If you are simply looking for a bike that will turn heads for its bling and design with an intention of a minor riding without going into trails, this is ok to start. If you plan to be serious and have lasting components, I would suggest get an entry level 15k bike. It will last you longer and it will be worthy enough for trails (in terms of comfort and reliability).

jingle 01-12-2011 10:33 AM

Re: SGM Moutain bike?
I had a very good experience with my SGM bike before. For me ok sya pang training when you're a newbie.

This was my first MTB kaya memorable talaga. hehehe:thumbsup:
I did upgrade the fork and brakes after a few months, pero everything else is stock. Good side nito dahil mall bike sya, hindi sya fake, although "entry level" ang components.

Been to epic rides and different trails with my SGM bike, nasabayan ko naman mga bikemates ko with better bikes. :thumbsup:

For me durable naman and great starting bike. Hindi ka manghihinayang "gamitin" ang bike because of the affordable price.:)

rads01 01-12-2011 10:52 AM

Re: SGM Moutain bike?
Bro i also have this bike bought mine at 6k flat @ quiapo here are some of my impressions

Shifting: even though the RD is just a shimano tourney it works well does the job but weight wise its inefficient. and the FD sucks as hell its a cheap generic derailleur that rubs the chain very often replace it immediately.

Cranks: its sucks and heavy as hell I replaced mine just after 1 week :thumbsdown:.

Pedals: its a cheap generic pedal broke mine with just one crash :thumbsdown:.

Saddle:has soft cushion much like the MOBs and its durable.

Fork: stiff as hell and it feels like a rigid fork I already replace mine :thumbsdown:.

Stem & Handle Bar:looks good and durable if you dont mind the weight though.

Frame: looks cool has a decent design and quite sturdy dunno about the weight though but its quite light haven't replaced mine yet :)

Brakes: it sucks as hell those generic rotors warp so easily that I burned and warp mine just after one ride @ timberland and those brake pads they wear out faster than a rim brake :thumbsdown:.

Tires: those tire are really fast rolling and silent feels like your on a slick tires but they puncture so easily... I would recommend that you should inflate these tires not beyond 30 psi or you'll get a flat tire for sure:whistling:.

Hubs: its heavy and it sucks replace it immediately

Bottom line: Its a good starter bike but you really get what you pay for... For me the only thing left on my SGM bike is the frame and saddle everything else has been replaced and thats quite a waste of money... so if your really want to start to take mountain biking seriously i suggest you get a built bike with a 13k+ budget but if you only intend to use it to go around your subdivision or pang palengke lang even a 2k mall bike would do...hindi pa mainit sa mata ng magnanakaw

gamol51 01-12-2011 10:59 AM

Re: SGM Moutain bike?
I have nothing against the bike...kaya lang from experiences ng mga meron nyan... dami mo kagad papalitan within months so i think hindi ka rin makakamura dahil panay ang palit mo.... may ibang bike brands almost same price...try mo din i review ang vision one.five... baka shoot sa budget mo..

lan993 01-12-2011 11:06 AM

Re: SGM Moutain bike?

for a starter bike, going around the village and other short errands, this bike will serve its purpose. but as soon as UPGRADITIS hits you, then the agony begins. hehehe.

I suggest to stretch your budget a little (around 10K, vision 1.5 bike etc) and canvass around Quiapo, better to bring a friend who knows. dont forget to buy helmet and ride safe.

rampage 01-12-2011 11:42 AM

Re: SGM Moutain bike?
Yeah, vision 1.5 Built Bike is a good starter bike... my colleague here at work recently bought one at Mall of Asia (can't remember the name of the bikeshop)... around 12K... SRAM X3 with some shimano parts... XCM na rin yung fork... ganda pa kulay both frame and fork...Orange... ^_^

naive 01-12-2011 11:54 AM

Re: SGM Moutain bike?
Using an SGM chaser at home >>errands

9.3 k

Ok naman sya..

First week the crank starts squeeling

2nd week the pedal and reflectors brake off.. (easily )

3rd week mararamdaman mu na yung shifters not getting that proper alignment

I like it better than my gf vision (which has more problems now even if its a girl riding it):whistling:

better prepare to replace the saddle and the pedals..

i dont ride it that often lets say 2 hours a day 6 days a week

compared to my old GT na nasa ilocos (which pedals and jumps like bnew)



kaso sino hindi masisilaw sa Altus/Deore/Zoom/Nevegal at 9.3 k parang shifters and goma palang lamang ka na..and it looks and performs well at first.. siguro need ko lang itimpla yung crank and shifters

eneng 01-12-2011 03:41 PM

Re: SGM Mountain bike brands?
nabili ko yung first bike ko na SGM cosmic last december sa quiapo @ 9.5k. Yun yung ginagamit ko na papasok ng office. Mga 30 minutes rides papasok then 30 minutes pauwi 3 times a week. Hanggang ngayon eh OK pa naman. Wala pa akong pinapalitan na parts. Pero may balak den akong mag-upgrade pag budget na.:)

riou06 01-12-2011 04:55 PM

Re: SGM Mountain bike brands?
These guys are right. I was able to buy my own customed brand parts bike last Saturday. My suggestion,
1. Beware of the price. Not all that glitters are gold.
2. My 3 R's: Research. Read. Reviews. You can browse this community or read reviews else where on the parts.
3. More stretch on your funds. Entry levels dont need to be expensive. But hey, I still want Shimano and SRAM (etc) for my rig since I'm paying for the quality.
4. Read, and read more.
5. Don't rush yourself on buying.

Hope it helps!

/newbie too!

erj22 01-12-2011 09:13 PM

Re: SGM Mountain bike brands?
In fairness, magaan at matibay ang frame ng SGM bike na nabili ko dati...

naive 01-13-2011 09:22 AM

Re: SGM Mountain bike brands?

Originally Posted by eneng (Post 405822)
nabili ko yung first bike ko na SGM cosmic last december sa quiapo @ 9.5k. Yun yung ginagamit ko na papasok ng office. Mga 30 minutes rides papasok then 30 minutes pauwi 3 times a week. Hanggang ngayon eh OK pa naman. Wala pa akong pinapalitan na parts. Pero may balak den akong mag-upgrade pag budget na.:)

hahaha same tayo ng bike OVER size yung lower frame... im guessing red black?

OK naman talaga sya yung pedal lang talaga since cheapo reflectors yung nakakabit even the one on the tires are cheapo reflectors.. :idea:

nakakasugat din kasi yung pedal..

eneng 01-13-2011 02:21 PM

Re: SGM Mountain bike brands?
yup, red black nga to. nakakasugat nga yung pedal, may mga gasgas na na nga hita ko eh. pero overall eh na eenjoy ko talaga yung pagba-bike gamit to.

crazyeyes 01-16-2011 11:32 PM

Re: SGM Mountain bike brands?
So far, eto na narating ng SGM mall bike ko, before i get hooked to upgraditis:
Padyakoldawey from FTI, Taguig to Tagaytay/ Mt. Samat, Bataan/ Sierra Madre loop.. :2ontheway: and regular rounds at Fort Boni trails.
Satisfied din naman ko, besides the squeaking brakes ika nga... but that part too will soon go... tsk-tsk, upgraditis talaga.
Pero the frame, i'd still want to ride with for more years to come, or more kms to come! eto na lang orig nya kasi since i got her.

1 year na pala kami nitong bike ko this January 27th! yay! :birthday:

naive 01-18-2011 06:12 AM

Re: SGM Mountain bike brands?

After of more than month o road and trail use and having a well maintained fork

*Siguro mga 80-90 hours of even use (not that hard on riding lubak lubak lang)
*Nililinis dirt after ride
*Nag spray ng silicone lube before epic ride
*Never got mud in the fork or on the fork

Im starting to feel that the rebound is giving a little way na.. its going stiff and easy at some stops..

malapit lapit na sya..:funnyface: o well mukhang ikakabit ko na yung XCR ni tito :idea:

Markspeed88 01-18-2011 10:13 AM

Re: SGM Mountain bike brands?
Hi. This SGM red-black mtb is my 2nd mtb. I bought mine back in December 2009 at Quiapo 7,500. At the first few months, The ride is smooth and no technical problem in road but as months go by.This are my observation

1) Pedal - cheap steel pedal that can give you bruises.
I changed mine with a good quality pedal.:rolleyes:

2) Saddle - Stiff and not comfortable for long rides
Better change it:cool:

3)Brake - Need more adjustment:juggle:

4)Handle - Heavy but its fine for city ride:thumbsup:
Bar & stem

5)Frame - The Alloy Frame has a good quality and design. Even though its
heavy. It can go Miles ahead.:)

Overall Impression: The SGM mtb is good as a "Entry-Level" bike for newbies in the world of MTB. The Price is a fair enough for the generic parts of it. This bike for me is my commuter and training bike. The parts of SGM mtb needs to be upgraded with high quality parts for long and smooth rides, whether trail or city.Even though its not as good as Branded bike, It still gives me the Stoked and work-out I need as a Triathlete.

I will give this 7 out of 10 stars:sold:

nson17 01-18-2011 11:53 AM

Re: SGM Mountain bike brands?
hello mga sir !!

i think e2ong SGM mountain bike is a good bike for starters. i personally bought an SGM bike last october as my entry level bike (kakasimula ko lang magbike nun hehe) and based on my experience ok naman tlaga yung bike, matibay na saka ok na ok sa road. pero sa trails kelangan tlagang i-upgrade ung bike kasi mabigat saka hndi gaano kagandahan ung parts.

here's my SGM bike

then nag upgrade pako nung tires size 2.35,

alfa 01-18-2011 05:48 PM

Re: SGM Mountain bike brands?
This is an excellent entry bike if you just want to see if you'll like or still like biking. It's cheap, got mine at toby's for 5,000 +/-.

Frame is sturdy and is built like, este made of steel. Gears are below par, hard time calibrating it. V brakes are so bad.
But rims, cranks wheels are strong For road use.

My only bad experience is that nice bike stores either won't or are reluctant to repair it. I once asked my driver to have the gears and brakes tuned, the store repair guy said it can't be tuned because it's made of poor/inferior
Quality parts.

Again for initial testing the waters purposes it's a good bike but only up to 6,000 because some LBS sell new bikes at 13K

rads01 01-19-2011 10:07 AM

Re: SGM Mountain bike brands?
@nson17 I also got this SGM Intensity Light alloy Frame hands down ako sa frame na yan weighing @ 187lbs nadala ko yan sa Maarat and it survived :) even tough my disk brakes died on my way down thats quite pretty dangerous heheheh kaya ngayon naka bb7 na ko :funnyface:

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